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Before finding a good service provider to rely on, consumers take a lot of time checking out what each service provider promises. They also spend a bit of time vetting how companies fulfill their promises, an aspect that is both true and helpful. Magazines like the consumer report magazine, close friends and respectable consumer journalists serve the consumers in their knowledge gathering.

For e-commerce buyers, the most reliable source of knowledge for consumers is the set of raw customer reviews as well as ratings they leave on various products or services they buy. They trust a lot of these reviews, in addition to the product descriptions/reviews they get on various platforms such affiliate blogs, websites and news websites.

Nonetheless, there are also a number of e-commerce websites that ignore the need for raw customer reviews on their platforms. Good examples of this are the many essay writing companies which offer custom paper services or complete essays online. Security, privacy and a few other issues have been fronted for the lack of reviews on these websites. The purpose of this website is to look out for the consumers on essay writing companies- giving them the opportunity to also read reviews as they’re used to on other e-commerce stores is our prerogative.

Advice for student consumers online

Just as they check out reviews and ratings about other products or services they buy online, students need to also remember to check out what each essay writing service does for them. Before spending money on these sites, students need to look at customer reviews previous buyers left for them on outside websites like

Why review essay writing companies?

A simple search on Google shows that there are millions of searches and websites which offer custom paper writing services to consumers. A good number among them aren’t good at anything. We curate customer reviews for this websites to ensure that users have a set of choices defined by positive customer experiences. Our list also reduces the amount of time one will have to take to vet, compare and buy an essay from a reliable service provider.

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How it works

Our website publishes two sets of reviews: the first set is made of customer reviews - the customers come, leaving a rating and reviews for each service they have used. We publish this information, and rank top services using customer ratings. We also write a summary review for each service to help buyers find an excellent service provider.